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Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico by Peggy Sealfon

What wisdom is worth sharing with others? What matters is living life fearlessly from your authentic self by embracing happiness and love. You have an option in every moment. You can suffer — from worries, stress and anxieties that are woven into the fabric of everyday life — or choose empowerment.

Breathe deeply, dance wildly, sing to the sparrows or indulge in hilarious laughter. Take brief respites from your endless list of tasks and drop into stillness. The spacious silence is a profound place to reawaken your intuition, creativity and life force.

Instead of reacting from a jumble of emotions, develop inner calmness and shift from survive to thrive! Even in the face of mundane disturbances — irritating traffic, an annoying boss, a cantankerous child — release all struggles and relax with what is.

You cannot change circumstances, you can only control your response to them.

Rather than worrying about playing life’s roles perfectly — whether the ultimate spouse, parent, sibling, child, employer or employee — focus on being the absolute best person, tapping into your power center and your infiniteness. Practice unconditional love and open the floodgates to bathe yourself and everyone around you in an ocean of harmony and tranquility.

Don’t defer happiness to another day in the future when you expect external elements to align. You are not your possessions, bank account, wardrobe or even your thoughts. You are an infinite being full of light, ingenuity and potential. Uncover the place of inner contentment today. It’s there. If you don’t see it, you’re too busy. Slow down and simplify.

Enjoy modest tasks, the chores of life. They sustain the present and are the pearls. Don’t look back and regret that you were too distracted to appreciate your first job, the early years of marriage, your toddlers. Be totally engaged in the moments of your life. Take time for hugs and kisses. Feel the warmth of running water as you do dishes. Revel in the clean fragrance of freshly laundered towels as you fold them. Enjoy the accomplishment of finishing a work assignment even if it pushed you to your edge.

Be grateful for your strengths and accept your weaknesses. You are not lacking or missing anything. Value yourself and be confident in all that you are. The more you access your true self — accepting who you are — the more you have to give to others. You cannot give to others what is not flowing through you.

Let go of judgments of bad or good. Everything that happens contributes to personal growth and takes you further on your evolutionary path.

Take time to renew and refuel yourself by appreciating earth’s bounty. Consume organic produce rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals and feel the nourishment and fortification that optimize performance and health. Stroll into nature and be awed by the magnificence of sunrises and sunsets. Experience the tingling of energetic vibrations in body, mind, heart and soul.

Surrender to divine energy, a universal force, and enter the domain of grace. Life’s magic happens when you bring body and mind into an ecstatically integrated state of being where you realize your highest potential and flow effortlessly in the light of consciousness filled with abundant joy and love.

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I was asked to contribute my deepest thoughts to the brilliance platform. I was sent this communication: “Each day, we ask our Luminary to answer, ‘If you only had 500 words to share, what wisdom would you want to pass on to humanity? What have you learned that matters, and what doesn’t?’” You just read what I wrote which was originally titled:
From Survive to Thrive

Thank you for reading. What would you write in 500 words?

Peggy Sealfon is the originator of the Integrated Life Coaching System at

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Personal Development Coach, Author, Speaker. Internationally-recognized expert on reducing stress and anxiety. Inspires and motivates.

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