Fascinating and provocative article, Sarah. Mind-blowing blend of ancient and modern perspectives with many truths in your sarcasm. Having written lately about the harmful impact of technology, I got fully engaged in your concepts. Your suggestion that technology is a tool and not the cause of addiction has merit. I agree we must get to the source of addiction which is not from external devices but lies within ourselves in the form of mental and emotional influences. It’s part of our human vulnerabilities. And yet, our excessive reliance on technology in our culture has undeniably resulted in obsessive habits and toxic realities. You mention moderation. I call it “mindfulness.” By the way, scientific studies do exist on the benefits of hugging which show the uplifting release of feel-good hormones like serotonin.

Change is inevitable. But my more pressing question is whether or not the mega changes we’re witnessing of technology’s impact on brain health should be relegated merely to biological evolution? One functional casualty is the disturbing loss of our long-term memory which has been impacted since 2000 with the introduction of the cell phone. Millennials are experiencing greater long-term memory challenges than seniors today so technology is not just affecting children. Perhaps the inevitability will be our need to accept that the hippocampus of our brain will eventually go the way of our vestigial tail. What a pity! Thank you for your impressive writing!

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