A Look at How Chaos in the World will Surprisingly End

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Powers are changing but probably not in the way you may think. Clearly no one can deny that we‘re living in a time of flux and confusion. In these unfathomable days of anguish from COVID, racial unrest, ugly political spectacles, and global uncertainties, the chaos is overwhelming and all consuming. Universally we find ourselves numbly chanting “when will it end?”

In watching a recent program by Gregg Braden — scientist, author, scholar and pioneer in science, social policy, and human potential — I’m grateful to find answers to many of our current anxieties and unknowns in his over 35 years of remarkable research. His work gives me a strange and profound reinforcement of my own insights and commitments as I’ve unknowingly prepared for this precise crossroads both personally and professionally.

Unique Convergence of Major Cycles
Braden provides clarity rooted in peer-reviewed “rock-solid science.” He points out that we are in a significant pattern of changing energies, part of natural forces that are in cosmic transition. As esoteric as it sounds, his investigations make sense. He shares real data on historical evidence of three major natural cycles including climate, conflict, and economic/innovation. The most gob smacking revelation is that we’re experiencing a striking convergence of all three cycles. Historical graphs unambiguously expose the absolute peak of the phenomena happening in 2020. The result of these extremes? Chaos. Unsurprisingly, we‘re living a story of fear and limitation but we need not be stuck here.

Today’s Normal
Okay, so we crave “normalcy.” The shocking reality is that if we step back to observe a bigger perspective of nature, this period is normal, a cyclical progression predictably based on earth’s constantly changing orbital relationship to the sun. We have entered a warming period where expected resources are diminishing. Simultaneously we’re in cycles of relationships being tested from intrapersonal, interpersonal to global. Economies are precarious. Braden is quite explicit about the weakening magnetic fields and their influences on the planet and on fundamental genetic codes of our DNA. I’ll leave you to explore the specifics of this powerful science by visiting Gregg Braden’s website. My aim is to whet your interest and impart a brief foundational understanding of what we’re all facing on earth. No wonder we’re exhausted, stressed, agitated, anxious, testy, and more susceptible to illnesses…including pandemics!

Unlocking Our Superpowers
The fact is that as human beings we hungrily seek pleasure and abhor pain. We run from all that makes us uncomfortable whether physical, mental, or emotional. That’s our innate character of survival. At present, we’re frantically racing from all disturbances at top speed, caught in what feels like a mega hamster wheel of catastrophes. So where are we going?

Each of us is a “work in progress,” constantly improving aspects of our lives precisely because of nature’s interplay of magnetics, frequencies, circadian rhythms, etc. We are part of nature; nature is part of us. Braden underscores a “need to awaken our inner technology” through “self-regulation” of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Inner awareness gives us the key to unlock our superpowers and transition more painlessly through seemingly unrelenting turmoil.

The bottom line is we do not have to suffer which is heartening. Ten years ago, I quantified my life purpose as: “To facilitate change, awaken spirit, empower others, advance ideas, all to benefit expansive understanding in the world.” Adhering to this intention, I’ve combined extensive trainings in many eastern and western methods with a focus on energetic changes at the source.

Along with other stress-reducing, spiritually-guiding, compassionate, intuitive, self-care coaches and teachers around the world, I’ve become an essential worker at this troublesome juncture. Our practices are facilitating transitions with less struggle and more ease; relieving clients’ traumas and seeing pandemonium and predicaments as opportunities. We share better ways to transition through the harrowing cycles of colossal changes. Surprisingly, the solutions live within each one of us. Braden says, “We are wired to adapt and thrive in times of extremes.”

Traditions for Modern Times
Ancient wisdom teachings provide reassuring support. Through one of my most profound trainings with a world-renowned yogi master, I learned — and teach — how to access an infinite inner guidance system to the higher self. My students commit daily to using my “interrupters,” or “time-outs” as productive breaks from all life’s pressures. Even just a few minutes of quieting the mind using focused breathing techniques can reset bodily functions and activate balance, healing, heart-brain coherence, well-being, and afford freedom from worry, anxiety, and fears. Stillness leads to seeing reality as it is, rather than through distorting filters of emotions or past experiences. By tuning to an expansive field of energy and information, we enter an integrated state of being in the zero stress zone of mind-body alignment where magic and miracles happen.

For several years I’ve been creating free meditations available on my website. (My personal favorites are 3 Minutes to Destress and A Gratitude Meditation to Stop Anxiety) My purpose is make accessible tools available for whomever is ready to release all struggles and uncover a more effortless approach. I’m passionate about magnifying our inborn abilities which infuses positive energetic ripples into the universe. While you may think I’m pollyanna-ish, remember that we’re all connected. Each of us can impact our circle of influence through acts of kindness, compassion, generosity, and gratitude. Together we can make a difference in how we show up for the final sputtering of these latest cycles.

Cooperation versus Competition
Braden further reinforces the idea of cooperation rather than competition; another concept I’ve long been touting to the corporate world as well as on international platforms. When living in low energies of hate, jealousy, and scarcity, people destructively battle to control, destroy, or possess. The ego creates self-limiting agendas that serve no one and are harmful. Blaming external elements activates a victim mentality and weakens the spirit (and immune system!). Through self-actualization of choices, beliefs, thoughts, and actions, we create our own world. We are so much more expansive than we realize.

Three years ago, I championed a major “wellness” initiative in my southwest Florida community to foster collaboration. I co-founded the hub for health and wellness at BeWellinParadise.com as an outgrowth of launching the Paradise Coast Wellness Alliance. Practitioners, wellness businesses and hoteliers are enthusiastically pooling resources and developing unique partnerships. Diverse and ground-breaking programs now provide exciting openings for residents and visitors to experience “healthy” activities like swamp walks in preserves, yoga on the beach, qigong in parks, functional fitness, Blue Zones’ purpose workshops, nutrient-dense cooking classes, and so much more. The 3rd Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience with fun, programs for all ages and interests takes place January 16–17, 2021 from the Everglades to Naples. It gives me great satisfaction in walking the walk to bring people together for the benefit of all.

My reason for sharing my efforts is merely to illustrate that we are not powerless during chaos. We have options and when we execute them, we flourish and discover new dimensions. Our nemesis year of 2020 offers a “rare and precious moment,” says Braden, a super-cycle in the convergence of extremes. To navigate without pain, we must awaken the human spirit and access inner powers that are readily available once we know how to stimulate them.

The Future
So, what’s next in the cycles? According to Braden, we are transitioning from “chaos to coherence,” morphing into innovation and breakthroughs in all areas, even quantum physics. At the end of the day, it is a process, an evolution…it’s life.

When we look beyond the clouds of our fears, we can already witness massive innovations in technology, artificial intelligence, and instinctive human resourcefulness. Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, Ray Kurzwell, Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg are just a few of the visionaries who jump to mind.

The truth is chaos will end as cycles shift, which Braden admits is not “clean,” but happens inevitably. During the process, we can activate self-regulation to keep body and mind aligned and functioning optimally. Practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutritious eating, sleep, movement, etc. are principal to our well-being. One positive outcome of COVID has been an emergence of these kinds of trainings on virtual platforms. In fact, I’m thrilled to be a contributor to a new, robust digital resource at MyLifeWell.com. Another tremendous organization is the Heartmath Institute providing cutting-edge techniques at Articles of the Heart.

Braden’s work and educational generosity instills hope and gives us scientifically based roadmaps. More than ever this information should empower and encourage the flexing of resilience and creativity. Nature rules. In this very moment, we can accept and adjust. Inspired and motivated by Braden’s teachings, I’m confident we can ultimately thrive as we journey to the end of chaos and onward to new beginnings.

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