Relationships are tricky and ultimately teach us a lot about ourselves…that is if we’re willing to be open to change, grow, and cultivate healthier relationships.

I’ve been married and divorced. I’ve lost many friendships along the way which I didn’t grasp at the time. I’ve learned a great deal over the years especially as a personal development coach trained by world masters in eastern and western traditions. So, I’m going to share understandings about relationships from both my professional and personal experiences. These tips can contribute to better relationships of all kinds whether with your spouse or partner, kids, friends…

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A young man called me in the middle of 2020 seeking to set up a coaching session. He was feeling desperate, full of anxiety and suffering depression. He wanted to schedule a session at my office.

At the time, I was deluged with people daily who needed immediate help in dealing with overwhelming fears about everything from having enough toilet paper to maintaining a job, a roof over their heads and keeping some semblance of sanity. Relationships were being pushed to the brink and stress levels reached unprecedented levels. Frankly, I was personally being stretched to my limits of resilience…

Here I am at my standing desk writing my debut novel

I didn’t know I had it in me to write fiction. I’ve always been a non-fiction writer of articles and books in my professional careers. I love the power of words and the act of wordsmithing to inform and inspire about real facts and situations. But suddenly in the middle of all the catastrophes of 2020, I discovered a fictional story bubbling out of my soul like a volcanic eruption.
I let it flow.

Let’s face it, this year has been full of surprises with the global pandemic spilling its life-changing influences into every part of our existence. My work…

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Powers are changing but probably not in the way you may think. Clearly no one can deny that we‘re living in a time of flux and confusion. In these unfathomable days of anguish from COVID, racial unrest, ugly political spectacles, and global uncertainties, the chaos is overwhelming and all consuming. Universally we find ourselves numbly chanting “when will it end?”

In watching a recent program by Gregg Braden — scientist, author, scholar and pioneer in science, social policy, and human potential — I’m grateful to find answers to many of our current anxieties and unknowns in his over 35 years…

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It was a sun-kissed Florida morning, heavy with humidity which is typical for July. I had decided to meet a friend for a beach walk. Months of non-socializing due to Covid-19 made the idea of physically distancing outdoors on the white sands along the Gulf of Mexico with Linda an attractive draw. I even blew off a 9:30am ZOOM business meeting in my haste to be immersed in nature. After all it was a Friday in the middle of summer!

My convertible top was down, and I was cruising along the Tamiami Trail from Naples to Bonita Springs. I baked…

Our minds are on fire; our foundations are being destroyed.

Reality appears terrifying. The confluence of a global pandemic with economic strife now amplified by racial protests has touched me and every one of us in profound ways. I doubt we would have arrived at such deeply shared experiences without the shocking and pervasive disruptions to daily life. COVID-19 forced a screeching halt to “normal” times of school, work, recreation…and I — like you — had to pay attention.

With the world turned upside down, I began to see my life and society through an altered lens. Each day carried new revelations of death tolls, epidemiology, virus spread, financial disaster…and…

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Change is tough and the Coronavirus pandemic is causing a daily tsunami of changes at a frightening pace. We desperately crave certainty and routine; to return to a semblance of normalcy. Instead we’re inundated with wild fluctuations to our way of life and face an unimaginable future. This leads to heightened levels of exhaustion, anger and sinking deeply into fear and depression. We need to stop, get calm and engage our minds to understand what is happening and what we can do to survive, and maybe, even thrive.

As a Personal Development Coach, I can tell…

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Want the Best Way To Stop Anxiety Right Now?

As our lives are turned upside down because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, we face overwhelming uncertainties. Emotions rage and fear rattles us to the very core of our mortality. In this time of frantic re-adjustments, most people need instantaneous ways of coping with the ups and downs.

I’ve had my own share of dealing with the COVID-19 roller coaster. Sifting through ever-changing facts and moment to moment behavioral shifts are enough to cause a primal scream to accidentally bubble up out of anyone. A trip to the grocery store is…

You’ve lost your job and you feel like you’re in a raging storm. The sun is blocked from your view, yet you know the sun still shines as it orbits out there in the universe. Eventually the light and warmth will re-emerge. But when?

Clearly the impact of the global pandemic is personal. Losing a job is crushing. When we hear news of people suffering in another part of the world, we may feel a degree of compassion, but then we continue focusing on our own affairs. Now it is you. It is me. We are the ones in distress…

(It is tough, but I am doing it and you can, too!)

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. We are never returning to the “normalcy” we once accepted (which was not normal after all). Instead we are on a rollercoaster of unstoppable emotions as we adjust to a sanitized, masked life filled with fears and anxieties.

To survive the daily twists, turns and continuous threats, we must cultivate an inner peacefulness. This is undeniably tough yet highly necessary. Without doing so, we are doomed to succumb to stress hormones rampantly coursing through our bodies activating a constant state…

Peggy Sealfon

Personal Development Coach, Author, Speaker. Internationally-recognized expert on reducing stress and anxiety. Inspires and motivates.

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